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Pool Repairs

Water Masters LLC Pool RepairWater Masters LLC has the training and over 35 years of experience to solve your pool problems. Pool systems can be very complex, such as, hydraulics, electronic controls, water chemistry, heaters, automatic cleaners, filtration, and structural issues.

We make it easy by having the knowledge and experience with pool care and knowing how to communicate with the many different pool manufacturers. Whether your problems are big or small, contact us to get your pool back in swimming condition.

We repair or replace

Water Masters LLC has the skill to fix every type of pool repair problem.

  • Pumps, filters, feeders and circulation issues including water features
  • Automatic cleaners
  • Automated controllers
  • Structural, tile, coping, and skimmers
  • Heaters
  • Pool covers
  • Disability access and equipment
  • Alternative and supplemental sanitizers including UV systems
  • Energy efficient solutions
  • Variable speed pumps
  • Leak detection
  • Sand filter upgrades with revolutionary glass media for superior filtration and clarity

Pool Pump and Equipment Repair

Your pool pump, electrical, lighting, and other operating systems are in constant use and eventually will need service or repair. The Water Masters LLC team specializes in helping customers restore their pool pumps, equipment, and accessories to optimal working condition. Any time equipment is not working properly it puts your entire pool at risk and can lead to other systems failing as they attempt to compensate for the malfunction.

With our years of experience, we have encountered nearly every type of system from all manufacturers and we have the experience to fix any problem. From pool pump repair, pool heater repair, and sweeps through accessories such as diving boards, slides and even lighting with one simple call you will have an expert at your service to make any repair necessary.

Just as with other pool repair issues, contact us anytime when you notice or suspect that your pump or pool equipment is not working as designed. We are always willing to meet with customers to diagnose a pool repair problem or even to reassure them that everything is operating efficiently.

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